Lovestreet Studios


Core System:

- Protools HD2 on Mac 8 core with 18gigs RAM.
- Lynx Aurora converters
- Euphonix DAW controller
- Dangerous monitor control
- Focal Professional Solo6 monitor speakers
- Hear Technologies HearBack system
  A personal headphone monitoring system with 4 individual mixers (yes you can mix your own headphone mix the way you want.)

Outboard Gear:
(by Brand)

API Audio, Avedis Audio, Purple Audio, Thermionic Culture, Mercury Recording Equipment,
JLM Audio (thanks Joe), TNC.

Please feel free to google our boutique equipment to better inform yourself if you are not familiar with the brands.


2x BeesNeez large diaphragm condensers
2x BeesNeez Small diaphragm condensers
2x BeesNeez ribbon microphones
(custom Australian-made boutique microphones -

1 X Rhode NT-2A
5 X Shure Beta/SM57

Guitar Amps:

1 X Fender Dual Reverb
1 X Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier with Trace Elliot 4X12 cab
1 X Golden Tone (Australian made vintage amp)
1 X Warwick Sweet 251


Coming soon...

We can organise a range of drums on request until our "house" kit arrives


$440 for a full day, including engineer
$250 for a half day, including engineer
*Prices not including GST

Rooms treated and designed by John L Sayers. Gear supplied and maintained by Legacy Audio.

Lovestreet Studios
8/7 Traders Way Currumbin Waters 4223
Barry Martin 0407 342 911