Lovestreet Studios

Lovestreet Studios is a new, exciting recording studio located in Currumbin on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. Initially Lovestreet began as rehearsal space for local bands, inspired by the music created at the house on Love Street.

As new like-minded people came onboard, Lovestreet developed into a community-based professional recording studio, offering state-of-the-art equipment and rooms to bands and musicians wanting to record in a professional environment. The studio caters for all genres of music with a combination of analogue and digital equipment to impress both modern and seasoned musicians.

The focus of Lovestreet is to be more involved with bands and musicians in every aspect of their recording process, including pre-production, production, promotion and more, not only an in-out session with engineers that don't care about you or your music. The Lovestreet team is always keen to meet new bands and musicians so feel free to contact us with any enquiries or just for a random chat.

The rooms are acoustically designed by world-renowned studio designer John L Sayers. The gear has been supplied and is maintained by Legacy Audio on the Gold Coast.

Who is Vasco?

Lovestreet Studios
8/7 Traders Way Currumbin Waters 4223
Barry Martin 0407 342 911